Kitchen Trends | 2019

As I embark on a new kitchen remodel, and think about the list of kitchen projects I tackled last year, I thought it would be fun to share the kitchen design trends I am seeing this year. No more simple white kitchens with gray and white quartz counter tops. I am seeing designs with more warmth, more texture, and some bold color choices. I am excited to see how some of these trends begin to implement in new spaces this year.

  1. Mixing Cabinetry

Whether it’s a mix of style or a two tone color combination, there are visually interesting ways to blend two types of cabinets together. It could be an island that is a different color than the cabinets, or sleek modern drawers below and shaker cabinets above, or elements of wood that accent white cabinets. It is time to have some fun and play with a layering of elements.


2. Quartz Backsplash

I have always been a fan of the simple aesthetic of running the counter material, whether it be quartz, granite, or marble, up the back as the splash. It is elegant and modern, and provides a very sleek, clean look. I am happy to see this concept coming alive as a trend. Move over subway tile, it’s time for quartz to shine for awhile.


3. Dark Counters

We have all seen plenty of kitchens with beautiful countertops that resemble carrara marble - white with some gray veining. Although I love this style, and have installed quite a bit of it myself, I am happy to see that people are willing to explore a little more into the darker side. There are some really elegant options in grays and blacks that are just the right amount of bold.

potts point 2.jpg

4. Natural Wood Tones

Whether the warmth comes from the island, the cabinets, or the ceiling, the use of wood as a main design element is strikingly beautiful when used in a contemporary manner. Mixed with quartz and accent hardware, it’s a timeless combination that exudes elegance.


5. A Revamped China Cabinet

We all need a place to store glasses, dishes, and serving ware that is easily accessible, functional, and not an eye sore. Designers are integrating built-in cabinets that function much like a china cabinet, but don’t take up any floor space while tying into the whole design concept.


6. High Contrast

The mix of dark cabinets and light quartz is popping up everywhere. Dark grays, dark blues, and even greens are making a splash in the cabinetry world. Accented with white and gray tops, the contrast of the two makes for a beautiful composition.

high contrast_cocoalpine design.jpg

7. Integrated Pulls

There are thousands of options when it comes down to hardware choices for cabinets. Overwhelmed by all the options, or just not sure which way to go? Why not integrate the pulls right into the cabinets and require no additional hardware at all.


8. Open Shelving

This is not a new trend, but I think it is here to stay for awhile longer. Open shelving can nicely frame out a window, anchor either side of a cooktop, or can even integrate into an island design for additional storage. Shelving can be a fun way to introduce wood and metal accents, or additional & functional storage.


These are just a few of many exciting trends entering the kitchen space. Have an idea you want to talk through? Want to integrate one of these ideas in your space? Let’s chat and share ideas.

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